Lawrie's Bistro Dronfield

Lawrie's Bistro Dronfield

This Mission

Lawrie’s Bistro and Coffee House needed a bistro themed, responsive website that presented the coffee house in a appetising way, along with the functionality to update quick and easy at any time.

The Outcome

Inviting the user in to really provides quality information needed before visiting the coffee house. Analysing every aspect of the design, I created a fluid website with plenty of whitespace that really showcases the beautiful images presented in a nice layout

Lawrie's Thoughts

"Aw media and marketing did a great job on our website from start to finish. We received a prompt service and advice and where able to developed a site that worked for lawries. Many thanks from lawries bistro"

Lawrie's Bistro Dronfield by AW Media & Marketing Lawrie's Bistro Dronfield by AW Media & Marketing